From one noodle bowl to another, with a taste to die for the “Tor-Charm Boat Noodles” made its way towards becoming a well-known franchise.

Rarely does passersby of the Rama 9 district not be familiar with the name nor the taste of the legendary grilled chicken by the “Praram 9 Kaiyang” restaurant that is situated at the new Rama IX road. This is mainly due to the long history of their establishment as well as their ever-bustling atmosphere.

If someone ask about the ready-to-serve plate that is a favorite place for students who learn at the tutors around Siam Square, the name of Doodee Siam is one of the famous restaurant that not many students have never tried.

Here is the modern place where there is the long menu of desserts and drinks. Not only the taste mentioned above but you can also experience one of the best human friends being around.

A business of over 12 successful years started with the passion from family and expert, Ms Yongrudee Nuchjungreed or Pag, a single mother with the BBQ restaurant as her first business.

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