Kuma Shabu, Delicious, Guaranteed by Kuma

We can say that this is the prosperous era for Shabu restaurant business as we can see many Shabu restaurants open everywhere. But who knows that ‘Kuma Shabu’ has been running in Thailand for more 9 years. It opened since 2010 and until now, Shabu Kuma has up to 5 branches, which are Mueangek, Bang Yai, Kaset, Ngam Wong Wan 54 and Mae Klong. Shabu Kuma has been in everyone’s heart, be it officers, students and groups of family.

Kuma Shabu, fullfiling your happiness

Mr. Hin, the owner of the restaurant, said that the origin of the name Kuma Shabu was that he wanted the customers to feel ‘eim mhee plee mun’ or enjoy their meal to the deliciousness (mhee means bear in English). Mr. Hin personally likes eating Shabu and he started to find ways to open a Shabu restaurant with his friends. In the past, the delicious and great quality Shabu restaurant often be in the department store selling in high price. Therefore, Mr. Hin wanted to open a Shabu restaurant, which has an affordable price. He wanted to make salaryman and teenagers come to eat at the restaurant more frequently. The quality and taste are equivalent to the popular Shabu restaurant by paying 199 to 299 baht for each person. This is the value prices that buffet lovers are willing to pay for it.

For the delicious recipes, Mr. Hin received the recipe from a Japanese chef. The first two recipes that he received are clear soup and original Japanese black sukiyaki soup. However, when Mr. Hin started opening the restaurant, he found that Thais’ eating preference is different from Japanese’s. Therefore, he continued inventing and improving the recipes by himself. He tasted and then adjusted the soup recipe until it became the unique clear soup recipe of Kuma Shabu. The customers love this recipe because they love soup that is savory, and has little scents of spices. However, black sukiyaki soup, eaten by dipping the meat into the soup and using egg as a dipping sauce, still wasn’t suit Thai’s eating preference as it should be. Therefore, Mr. Hin tried to develop the recipe until he got one more black sukiyaki soup recipe that has mellow and savory taste that you can eat. This was how ‘Kuma soup’ was invented and became the signature recipe of the restaurant. Not only the Japanese style soups that are adjusted to suit Thai customers, but he also developing Thai soup as Tom Yum soup and the dipping sauces, be it suki sauce, seafood sauce or ponzu sauce are also extremely delicious.

Dishes with standard must pass Kuma’s hands

Mr. Hin said that maintaining the taste standard is the most important thing in every kind of restaurant business in the era that there are many Shabu restaurants opening. Definitely, the regular customers come because they like the taste of the soup. If the taste of it changes or the customers don’t like it, it may affect their feelings. The customers might change their minds not eating at the restaurant again. However, Mr. Hin believes that when it comes to the good quality and the taste of Shabu restaurant, Kuma Shabu is second to none. The restaurant pays attention to every detail, especially for the food quality standard before delivering it to the customers. For instance, ‘Kuma soup’, the restaurant signature soup, must contain the mixtures of both clear soup and original black sukiyaki soup in the right amount

Furthermore, Mr. Hin also gives importance to the quality of the product that will be used for cooking the soup. He uses the seasoning products from Ajinomoto to always maintain the taste standard. Ajinomoto seasoning products have unique tastes and give the gentle texture when tasting. Therefore, it can be adapted to cook several soup recipes. Not only the great taste of soup and the dipping sauce, but the main ingredient of the restaurant like meats also have to be good. The restaurant select the best for all kinds of meat like sliced beef, ribeye, sirloin, or tenderloin. The beef lovers shouldn’t miss it.

Doing it with love is the main ideal of Kuma

The significant key that makes the restaurant successful is the food quality as mentioned above. Heedfulness is also what Mr.Hin sticks to. He believes that as the restaurant owner, he should care in every detail, gives importance to the restaurant, always tastes the food and keeps updating his knowledge to develop new recipes. He always has to observe the customers’ behaviors. For example, if the customers are not finishing all the food, the restaurant should be able to check for the cause. It might be that the food taste changes or the serving from the staff. When knowing the cause, the owner has to resolve the mistake as quickly as possible. In doing so, of course, you must be passionate about what you do. When you have passion, you will be confident in managing everything. This makes you reach the goal easier and proud to guarantee the customers the restaurant quality.

Recommendations for newbies

Mr.Hin gives a recommendation for new entrepreneurs who are interested in opening a Shabu restaurant. The first thing is to have a passion about what you love and what you are going to sell. If you don’t like it, you should first find your way or do more research. You shouldn’t do any business while thinking about the profits only as running a restaurant has many details to look at. Maintaining the standard of food quality, recruiting the restaurant staff and allocating the budget, all of these require a lot of detailing to gain a good profit and a good reputation. Moreover, you always have to take care of the customers. For example, if the customer comes here alone, you should provide a proper seat and you also have to provide convenience to all groups of customers. Of course, being passionate is an important starting point that will help you to not giving up on any obstacles, be happy with your business and continue running your business as best as possible.