Spicy Tuna Salad

<b>Spicy Tuna Salad</b>


RosDee Menu Crispy Flour Original Flavor

1/2 tablespoon

Tuna steak in spring water

3 tablespoon

Vegetable oil for deep frying tuna


Vegetable oil for adding to tuna

1/4 teaspoon

Green Oak lettuce


Red Oak lettuce




Cherry Tomato

5 pieces

Sliced Radish

8 pieces


5 pieces

Baisen Goma Creamy Sauce
(Ajinomoto Salad Dressing Brand)

3 tablespoon

Lime juice

1/4 teaspoon

RosDee Menu Yum Woon Sen

3/4 teaspoon

Minced Red bird's eye chili

1/4 teaspoon

Goma-Shoyu Salad Dressing
(Ajinomoto Salad Dressing Brand)

1/8 teaspoon

Cooking Method

How to prepare Cripsy Tuna

  1. Drain the excessive water from tuna and finely chop the steak.
  2. Flake the chopped tuna in to small pieces, mix with RosDee Menu Crispy Flour Original Flavor and vegetable oil until they are finely combined.
  3. Set the pan to high temperature until the oil is heated. Deep fry the tuna until it holds together, then flip the side and fry until it turns golden brown.
  4. Transfer it from the pan and drain the excess oil

How to prepare Spicy Seafood Sauce

  1. Mix Baisen Goma Creamy Sauce (Ajinomoto Salad Dressing Brand), Goma-Shoyu Salad Dressing (Ajinomoto Salad Dressing Brand), RosDee Menu Yum Woon Sen, and minced  red bird’s eye chili  until well combined
  2. Spice up the flavor with the lime juice and stir them well again.
  3. Adjust the level of sourness as you like.

How to serve

  1. Decorate the dish with salad vegetables, green oak lettuces, red oak lettuces, cherry totmaots, sliced radishes, and kaiware.
  2. Place the crispy tuna on the dish at the middle of salad vegetables. Then, pour the spicy seafood sauce, and sprinkle the peanut on to p before serve.


  • It is recommended to use canned spring water tuna rather than canned oil tuna because the oil will holds the tuna together and make it less fluffy when deep fried.
  • Set the vegetable oil to very high temperature with enough amount to cover up the tuna, then gradually turn the heat to medium. You can test it by putting a bread crumb into the pan. If the crumb float with bubbles around it then it means the temperature is hot enough to dip the tuna.
  • Caution: The oil will spill when deep frying, make sure to cover the pan with the lid when start deep frying.
  • Separate the dressing to another dish to keep the tuna’s crispiness longer.
  • Spicy Seafood Sauce is able to be kept in a sealed container in 1-5 °C for 2 days

Cooking time: 15-20 minutes

Cost: 31 baht

Recommended selling price: 100-170 baht