Privacy Policy

Ajinomoto Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is aware of the significance in the protection of personal data on the internet. The company believes that it is crucial for you to acknowledge the approach of the company on how to arrange your personal data.

In general, you may visit the website of Ajinomoto Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd. anonymously without having to reveal your identity including to disclose any of personal data relevant to you. The company’s web server will solely log the domain name only and the email address of the website visitors will not be recorded. The collected data will be used for counting number of visitors, average duration for visiting company’s website or each webpage and etc. for further improvement to the website of the company.

Notwithstanding, in the event where the company is desired to collect your personal data such as name and address, the company will inform you with regard to the details on when the personal data will be collected and objectives for collecting of your personal data. Generally, the data collected by the company will be solely used by the company in order to provide response upon your queries, proceed with your questions or permit you to access into the special information in some occasions. The company may share your email with reputable organizations that provide products or services that might be connected to your interest. In such cases, you will be able to constitute a limitation on the access to your personal data.

If you have registered your user via any online channel in affiliates of our company, your personal data may be used by those companies to offer things that might be on your interest. This technology is called “Cookie” which may be used to offer information designed to correspond with your needs. A cookie is a sub-elements of the website data to be sent to your browser, subsequently the cookie will be stored in the hard disk of your computer to enable the company to recognize you upon your further revisiting of company’s website. The cookie will enable the company to manage information in corresponding with your interest properly to encourage your return for visiting the company’s website. Notwithstanding, you are entitled to set your browser to notify you upon the receiving of such cookies. The use of cookies is irrelevant to your personal data while you are browsing the company’s website.

On some occasions, the company may conduct an online survey for a better understanding of the needs and information of the company website’s visitors. When the company is going to conduct a survey, the company will inform you on how the company will use and proceed your personal data collected from the internet. The participation in the survey will be conduct on the voluntary basis, therefore, you will be able to choose whether you allow the disclosure of your personal data or not.

After you have left this website, please use precautions and read the privacy policy of each website where your personal data is collected upon your visitation.

This privacy policy stated above will be enforced on the data collected by this website only. In the event where you consider that the company does not comply with the prescribed privacy policy, you can contact the company’s officer at Webmaster.