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A loyal employee & quality services

Employees quit their jobs for many reasons. Give them a raise is one of the common tactic. However, money is not always the right choice. Service with the “service mind” is a key for running a restaurant. Lack of efficiency usually results from unhappy employee.

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How to increase sales volume from regular customers

A restaurant that has regular customers can increase sales volume by focusing on this group. It is actually more convenient than to attract new customers. This is because regular customers are already familiar with the restaurant. Thus, it will take less costs to promote comparing to the new customers. Some easy techniques are as follows.

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Simple techniques to get more customers

There are many ways to get more customers. Today, consumer behavior varies. There are many channels available for
customers e.g. online shopping and food fairs. Even, the tourism in Thailand is getting more and more popular these days. These following techniques will easily help attract new customers.

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How to train the staffs to work as the owner

Staffs are significant resources that contribute to the success of a restaurant. Keeping their performance up to the owner’s standard is not easy, but it is not impossible if the following 3 techniques are properly practiced.

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Basic steps to designing a restaurant that anyone can do

Design and decoration are essential components to all kinds of restaurants. No matter how much budget to spend for design and decoration, the owner should take the following 3 criteria into account when they design and decorate their restaurants.  

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