Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

Our cookie policy is based on the privacy policy regarding the collection, process and storage of your personal data. This cookie policy explains how we, our partners and users use cookies, including your options to manage cookies.

What is Cookie?

“Cookie” means a small file placed on your computer or device when you visit certain parts of our site. Cookies are widely used to distinguish you from other users, and save your settings whether for a one-time visit (using temporary cookies) or multiple visits (using permanent cookies).

Cookie Types

We use 4 types of cookies on our website. The use of these cookies cannot reveal your identity.

  • Mandatory Cookies Cookies of this type are mandatory to our website because they enable the server to respond to your usage, supporting the website displays and provide uninterrupted experience while you browse our website. These cookies will remain until the end of the session and will be deleted automatically thereafter.
  • Analytic/Assessment Cookies Cookies of this type enable us to monitor the website’s performance by the traffic and the number of unique users. The website analysis is to analyze user behavior, and we use this data to enhance user experience or to find where we need to improve. However, the data will not be disclosed (the data cannot be used to reveal your identity and does not contain personal information such as the name and email address), and will be used for a statistic purpose only.
  • Usage Cookies Cookies of this type enable us to distinguish you from other users when you return. This kind of data enables us to personalize the website to your preference, and provide resources effectively and more personalized to facilitate your visit. The data collected by this type of cookies is usually anonymous in nature, therefore, we cannot identify you individually.
  • Advertisement/Behavior Tracking Cookies of this type will be installed on your device to log browsing data and links that you visit and follow. The data will be used to improve our website and advertisements to match your interest more.

Cookies of this type are essential and should be allowed all the time to enable us to save your settings. Our website uses cookies to provide uninterrupted experience and more personalized usage. The cookies will be stored on your browser. The features include your browsing preference for when you return to our website, and insights into where on the website you find to be most useful and interesting.

Storage Duration

All types of cookies, except for Mandatory Cookies which will be deleted automatically upon the end of browsing website, will be stored for 365 days from the collection date according to the Company’s Privacy Policy.

Disabling Cookies

You may disable cookies in your browser setting, and set the privacy setting to prevent cookies from collecting data in the future. (For more information, please see how to disable cookies on next page)

  1. Run Chrome on the computer
  2. On the top right corner click > Setting
  3. Click Advance at the bottom
  4. In “Privacy and Security” click Website Setting
  5. Click Cookie > View cookies and all browsing data > remove all
  6. Confirm to remove all

However, some of our services require cookies. If you disable cookies, you may experience difficulties in using some functions or all of the services.