Cream Cheese Futomaki

<b>Cream Cheese Futomaki</b>



1 piece

Water for cooking shrimp

2 tablespoon

Goma-Shoyu Salad Dressing
(Ajinomoto Salad Dressing Brand)

1 tablespoon


1 teaspoon

Steamed Japanese rice

90 g

Rice vinegar

1 tablespoon

Seaweed sheet

half sheet

Cream cheese

2 pieces

Long cucumbers

2 pieces


1 piece

Crab stick

1 piece

Ebiko for mixing with sushi rice

2 tablespoons

Cooking Method:

How to prepare the shrimp

  1. Clean the shrimp, pull off the outer shell and head while keeping the last segment of the tail. Use the tip of the knife to remove the vein. Make a couple of slids underside to prevent the shrimp from bending when deep frying. Then, transfer it to another container.
  2. Boil water in a pot over medium heat and simmer the shrimp in a boiling water until it is cooked.

How to prepare spicy Kochujang

  1. Mix Goma-Shoyu Salad Dressing (Ajinomoto Salad Dressing Brand) and Kochujang well together and transfer to a well sealed container.

How to preapre sushi

  1. Transfer steamed Japanese rice into a ceramic bowl, add rice vinegar and spread out the rice evenly to cool down for around 5-10 minutes.
  2. Put a seaweed sheet on a bamboo sushi mat, then put around 0.5 cm thick layer of rice all over the seaweed. Follow with cream cheese, long cucumber, asparagus, and crab stick. Then, roll it into circle and press it for around 30 seconds.
  3. Roll the sushi on to the ebiko to coat the outer layer of sushi.
  4. Cut it to bite size and transfer to a dish. Then, season it with spicy Kochujang sauce before serve.


  • The spicy sauce is able to be kept for 7-10 days in a well sealed container at 1-5 °C.
  • The frozen ebiko is able to be kept in a freezer for around 30 days.
  • Before cutting the sushi, wipe the knife with a damp towel to prevent the rice from sticking on the knife, and to get a beautifully cut sushi roll.
  • To steam the Japanese rice, don’t use a stainless container, as the acid in the rice vinegar may create a chemical reaction that affect the rice. Also, recommended to use the spatula to spread the rice in order to soak in the rice vinegar into the rice and cover it with plastic film before using it.

preparation time: 30 minutes

cooking time: 8-10 minutes

Cost: 33 THB

Recommended selling price: 110 THB