Grilled Beef with E-San Chili Dipping

<b>Grilled Beef with E-San Chili Dipping</b>



150 g

Teriyaki No Tare

30 ml
(2 tbsp)

E-San Chili Dipping Ingredients

Red Chilli Powder

½ tsp

Lime Juice

1 tbsp

Roasted Shallot

1 clove

Roasted Garlic

½ tbsp

Spring Onion

1 tbsp


1 tsp

Ground Roasted Rice

½ tbsp

Teriyaki No Tare

15 ml

Cooking Method :

1. Mix Teriyaki No Tare with roasted shallot, roasted garlic and lime juice mix well.

2. Put spring onion, ground roasted rice, chilli powder, and parsley.

3. Serve with tenderloin.

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