Laab Gyoza

<b>Laab Gyoza</b>


Krispy Crisp Gyoza (Pork & Chicken)

6 pieces

RosDee menu Laab

2 tbsp

Minced Shallot

2 tbsp

Minced Parsley

2 tbsp

Minced Kaffir Lime Leaf

1 tsp


4 tbsp

Chili Powder as Preferred

Lemon Balm (for Decoration)

Cooking Method :

1. Fry Krispy Crisp Gyoza (Pork & Chicken) in a frying pan, filled with little amount of oil, until the bottom side of Gyoza turns golden brown and crunchy. Fill water into the pan and close the lid for baking the other side of the Gyoza to be soft and cooked. Set aside.

2. Making Laab sauce by mixing RosDee menu Laab with water, parsley, shallot, and kaffir lime. Season with chili powder as preferred.

3. Place the Gyoza on the plate, and pour the Laab sauce over the Gyoza. Sprinkle lemon balm on top. Laab Gyoza is ready to serve.