Sam Sa Hai Roasted Pork (Roasted Pork with Three Spices)

<b>Sam Sa Hai Roasted Pork (Roasted Pork with Three Spices)</b>


Pork Loin or Sirloin

1 kg

Coriander Root

25 g

Thai Garlic (Peeled)

2 cloves

Pepper Seed

1 ½ tsp

Coconut Sugar

60 g

Coconut Milk

1 ½ measuring cup

RosDee menu LAAB

1 pack

RosDee menu KA PRAO (GA PAO)

1 pack

RosDee menu KUA KLING

1 pack

Corn Flour

1 tbsp

Egg Yolk

1 yolk

Vegetable Oil

5 tbsp

Wooden Sticks for Skewer

Cooking Method for Marinating Pork :

1. Slice pork loin into 0.5 cm thick 4-5 cm wide pieces. The slicing length depends on the length of the wooden stick.

2. Pound coriander root and pepper seed altogether until blended.

3. Mix the pounded ingredients with coconut sugar, coconut milk, corn flour, and egg yolk. Stir until the coconut sugar is well melted. Then, add pork slices into the ingredients and mingle. Add in vegetable oil and continue mingling until well mixed. Separate the marinated pork into three portions.

a: First portion: mix with RosDee menu Laab

b: Second portion: mix with RosDee menu Ka Prao (Ga Pao)

C: Third portion: mix with RosDee menu Kua Kling

Marinate these three portions for a night, or at least 3 hours.


Cooking Method Before Roasting :

Remove the marinated pork from the fridge, and skewer with a wooden stick.


Cooking Method for Roasting :

Heat the roaster with low heat. Place the pork on the roaster (Frequently check the pork). When one side of the pork turns yellow by the heat, flip the pork to the other side, Roast until both sides are cooked. However, the pork should not be roasted until dry because the water inside the pork meat will be evaporated, leaving sticky and hard roasted pork meat.