Cheesy Ka Prao Ebi Roll

<b>Cheesy Ka Prao Ebi Roll</b>


RosDee menu™ Ka Prao

1 tablespoon


1 /3 cup

Takumi Aji® Shoyu I Pun

1 tablespoon

Fried Basil for prepare Spring roll filling

2 g

Vegetable oil for prepare Spring roll filling

1 tablespoon

Chopped Chinese garlic

1 tablespoon

Chopped Red bird's eye chili

1 tablespoon

Fresh Basil for prepare Spring roll filling

10 g

Frozen pork loin fat

60 g

Minced shrimp

240 g

Shredded mozzarella cheese

60 g

Chopped shrimp

333 g

Spring roll pastry

4 pieces

Vegetable oil for frying spring rolls

1 tablespoon

Cherry tomato for decoration

1/2 piece

Parsley for decoration


Cabbage for decoration


Cooking Method

How to prepare Spring roll filling (Cheesy Ka Prao Ebi)

  1. Set the pan with medium heat. Pour vegetale oil and wait until the oil is hot. Add the chopped chinese garlic and chopped red bird’s eye chili. Then, stir for 5-10 seconds.
  2. Mixed Water, RosDee menu™ Ka Prao and Takumi Aji® Shoyu I Pun.  Add Fried Basil and Fresh Basil, stir well together.
  3. Let it cool slightly and keep in sealed container.
  4. Put frozen pork loin fat and minced shrimp in a blender. Blended the ingredients until thoroughly combined.
  5. Take out all ingredients from the blender and put in the mixing bowl. Then, add 126g of the prepared Ka Prao sauce and mix well.
  6. Add shredded mozzarella cheese and the chopped shrimp around 1 cm. into the prepared filling. Then, stir to combine again.

How to prepare Spring rolls

  1. Bring the Spring roll pastry from the freezer and keep in temperature room for 30 minutes.
  2. Prepared Spring roll pastry, filled with 25g of Cheesy Ka Prao Ebi, then roll for 4 pieces. 

How to prepare frying Spring rolls

  1. Set the pan with to high heat. Then, reduce to medium heat when the oil is hot.
  2. Fried 4 prepared Spring rolls and turn them over until the Spring roll turns golden brown.
  3. Scoop out of the oil, absorb with blotting paper or rest on strainer. Serve on plate and decorate with cherry tomatoes, parsley, and cabbage. 


  • Ka Prao sauce can be stored in a sealed container at 1-5 °C for approximately 3 days.
  • After transferring the Spring roll pastry from the freezer, defrost at least 30 minutes. In addition, carefully open the package and pick the Spring roll pastry piece by piece. When exposed to air, the Spring roll pastry will be hard and not be able to use for wrapping.
  • Before wrapping the filling, dap the Spring roll pastry’s rim with water to make sure it doesn’t break when frying
  • The Spring roll should be wrapped tight to prevent the filling to fall out when frying.

Cooking time: 5-7 mins

Cost: 36 baht

Recommended selling price: 120-130 baht