The hub of the cat lovers



Here is the modern place where there is the long menu of desserts and drinks. Not only the taste mentioned above but you can also experience one of the best human friends being around. Ms ‘Noi’ Nalinee Sumdangpan, the owner, was inspired by a vagabond cat accompanying her around while she was sick. After getting better, she thought business related with cats might be the business opportunity she was looking for. She packed her bags and chosen Penang, Malaysia and Japan to be destinations for her business inspiration. Of course, we are talking about “Cat human café”, located at Bhuddamonthol 2 Rd.



The café has zoning to guarantee customers’ satisfaction as well as the health of cats themselves. Downstairs is for café area so you can thoroughly enjoy the food and souvenir collection, while upstairs is for the cute cats to freely run and play so you can interact closely with all the lovely members.


Love and care are the keys to success.

‘The best tip to run this business is to give the good love and care to all cats like “Cat first Food later”. Because the cat is our key business factor and they make customers happy, so both food and desserts menus need to be easy for me to prepare alone. Because not to mention that we have to provide some time for little ones as well.’ Ms Nalinee explained.


The favourite menus of the café are Karaage (Japanese Style Crispy Fried Chicken) with rice and Ajiwai Tonkatsu with rice. Both menus have been delivered deliciousness by Ajinomoto Frozen Food with the high standard of seasoning and material selection. Every step of preparing is well-blended in Japanese style. Just after frying, customers can be indulged with crispy crumb and the softness of meat.




There are some tricks and techniques to run a business. One is how we select the cats. They must be cute and coming from different farms so that they would not stick together too much and can be friendly to any customer. Now we currently have 35 cats altogether. Another one is food, we planned that the price of food for this café would be reasonable, and the focus would not be on having a promotion to attract customers. And lastly, the most important one yet, these days online fan page does matter in a digital age.



The rules that everyone needs to respect.

We should not spoil our customers; this is the rule for this kind of business. Discipline makes us successful; it is how we keep all cats clean and neat to impress our fans. Because to keep the place healthy is for the best for both human and animal, then they would return again and again.’ Ms Nalinee finally said.

For those who are interested in coming visit the lovely cats at Cat Human Café, they can drive along the main road Bhuddamonthol 2 Rd. and park at the nearest store (Bo Nam Man Plaza). The shop opens on Tuesday to Sunday at 11.00 PM and closes at  7.00 PM. For more information, please call. 088-338-2519 or