Rakumi Restaurant “Be fulfilled with chef’s artistry with affordable price”

The popularity of Japanese restaurants has been phenomenal in Thailand for the past years. We can see various of them all over the streets today. However, if you are looking for a traditional Japanese restaurant, don’t miss out Rakumi.

At Rakumi, there are provide more than 70 selections of menu daily by Chef Kato, who is the owner of Rakumi. He was a professional Chef in a Japanese restaurant at the 5-star hotel in Sukhumvit area for more than 30 years. He meticulously makes delicious and well-rounded taste sushi with the special recipe from Tokyo. This authenticity is why Rakumi is fond by so many traditional Japanese food lovers.

Premium menu, full of deliciousness

‘Rakumi’ was named after the famous Japanese sushi master that Chef Kato admires and it has been opened more than 5 years. Chef Kato’s masterful techniques and his selection of great quality ingredients absolutely making this place a traditional Japanese restaurant that is well loved by Thais.

The renowned menu of Rakumi is the Salmon Kabutoni (Salmon head soup in soy sauce), which is served for 6 dishes per day. Chef Kato prepared the dish by himself with fresh and premium ingredients that are imported from Japan. Because freshness of the ingredients is the heart of Rakumi.

Preparing with heart, with hotel grade quality

Each menu is prepared by heart with expertise and every step of cooking is checked by Chef Kato. Especially the menus that are rare to be find. For example, Spicy Squid Salad is also a special menu that is usually get ordered.

Apart from the freshness of ingredient is the attention when cooking

Chef Kato is putting his full attention on ingredients selection. He always chooses premium ingredients such as shrimps, fish, eggs, and fresh salad vegetables. He does this even if the cost is higher than regular price for making the recipe perfectly. Particularly on popular menus such are Ume Sashimi, Salmon Roll, and Unagi Roll. If the ingredients are not fresh, Chef Kato will not serve and will never serve a dish with an ingredient passed overnight.

For gyoza, Chef Kato always selects Ajinomoto’s gyoza. As it can be easily fried without breaking its shape. Together with its well-rounded Japanese style delicious taste that comes with perfect size and crispiness on the outside while it is soft on the inside. Also, Ajinomoto’s gyoza comes with standardized quality, cleanliness, and freshness. This is why it is loved by Rakumi’s customers. Thus, Chef Kato never thinks of changing his mind to any other brand.

Recommendations for newbies

Chef Kato suggests that opening a Japanese restaurant requires attention and interest of Japanese food. It is even better if you studied chef before as it will give you a good credit.

However, bear in mind that investing in a Japanese restaurant is costly. Yet, running it as a family business will make it easier to manage the cost. For example, Chef Kato’s wife help him with the preparation of ingredients, while he utilizes the same building for staying and opening the restaurant to save cost from renting.

In addition, restaurant is located at Suburb of Bangkok but some customers are happy to visit and enjoy at Rakumi. Because of the delight with authentic Japanese food and friendly service. Also, it is important for a restaurant to have enough parking space.

For anyone who are interested in tasting the delicious food of masterful Chef Kato at Rakumi, don’t forget to come by Liab Tang Punya Road, in front of Punya House Estate P7. The restaurant is opened from 11 a.m. to 9.30 p.m., and it is closed every Tuesday from the beginning of January 2020.