‘Wings Factory’, crispy, yummy for the chicken lovers

As Korean trend becomes popular nowadays, many new Korean restaurants are opening and attracting the customers to discover new tastes. “Wings Factory”, a Korean style fried-chicken restaurant, is one of the most popular restaurants among teenagers and students in Sam Yan area. The restaurant is operated under the supervision of Ms.Pawn and her son, Mr.Pe.

Wings’ story

When Ms.Pawn lived abroad with her husband, she cooked for her husband and her friends all the time. She usually tried making both Thai and national dishes that everyone enjoys. This makes she dreams to have her own restaurant. When she comes back to Thailand, her husband asks her to open a restaurant and for Mr.Pe, her son, he enjoys eating especially fried-chicken. This is how the Wings Factory restaurant at Sam Yan happened.

Easy and convenient commuting

The prominent point of the Wings Factory restaurant is that Ms.Pawn gives importance to the convenience in commuting and provides parking lot for customers. The tone red and white colors are used to decorate the restaurant making it more visible. Therefore, when the customers want to come to the restaurant, they will notice it more easily. Moreover, the sufficient parking lot could help the customers save their time and make them feel happier with their meal.

Pleasant taste that wins everyone’s heart 

Mr.Pe attracts the customers with various flavor of fried-chicken and several menu including Korean, Thai and Japanese dishes. All menu are delicious and make the customers addicted. The customers keep coming to the restaurant from the claim that the taste and quality are as good as the dishes from famous restaurant. As Mr.Pe likes to try new things, he once made the cheese sauce recipe and had his friends taste it. The sauce is unexpectedly delicious, so his friends tell him to make new sauce recipe for various tastes of the fried-chicken menu.

The restaurant concerns about the good taste of the food. Therefore, one thing that they give importance to is using the ingredients with a good standard and meticulous cooking process. For instance, fried-chicken menu, they start with selecting each part of chicken and frying it in an appropriate temperature to get the crispiness on the outside and tenderness from the inside. They cook all the tasty dishes in the same standard everyday.

They pay attention not only on the main menu, but also additional menu like Gyoza, Kimchi fried-rice or Salad. Ms.Pawn uses the ingredients or product from Ajinomoto to obtain the standard taste and quality. In Ms.Pawn’s perspective, she thinks that even if the Ajinomoto’s price is a little higher than the others only a few tens of baht, it is more worthy to invest. Moreover, when they use Ajinomoto’s product to serve the customers, the customers always impress with the taste. Ms.Pawn guarantees that the restaurant has never been complained about the taste of their dishes.

The trick is to ‘Put yourself in their shoes’

Ms.Pawn is responsible for taking care of the restaurant and the food tastes under the concept of ‘put yourself in their shoes’. When choosing the ingredients for the customers, Ms.Pawn will choose the best ingredients as if she will eat it herself. This is the heart of the restaurant that makes the customers come back to eat and become regular customers. Mostly, the regular customers usually come to the restaurant at least once or twice a week. The customers compliment the Wings Factory’s food that it is as tasty as the famous brand at a reasonable price. This makes students often come to have their meal or celebrate their birthday party here. Moreover, Ms.Pawn pays special attention to the cleanliness of the restaurant. They have strict rules of maintaining the cleanliness, washing hands, wearing gloves and wearing a hat when cooking. All staff adhere to the rule that make the customers feel comfortable when coming to the restaurant.

You can succeed, even if you are a newbie

For people who want to open a restaurant, creating new menu regularly is important and is one of the strategies to attract the customers. This will make the customers enjoy when selecting the menu and not getting bored to visit the restaurant. Furthermore, keeping the cleanliness has to be rigid as the customers can feel it when they come. The clean atmosphere will make the customers feel confident in the quality and feel worth the price to pay when choosing to eat out.