Kun Chai Noodle Restaurant Backstage

Recommended restaurant on Kanchanapisek Road in Bangkhae District, in front of the restaurant attaches an outstanding sign “Kun Chai Noodles”. The atmosphere is filled with people from various customer groups and employees who are diligently serving customers. Around the restaurant is clean and spacious and no one should miss this noodle shop that has opened for 5 years.

Origin of legendary delicacy

The owner, Khun Supaporn Khiawbangyang or Khun On told us about the origin of this restaurant that in the past she sold pork in a market for 10 years. Khun On and her husband are flavor of eating so, on holiday, they would go to try delicious food together. This came with an idea to open a restaurant. In addition, in the market Khun On sold pork, there was a stewed pork shop and then Khun On repurchased it.

After that, she adjusted recipe and developed it all along until it becomes a famous restaurant today. The origin of “Khun Chai Noodles” is from her husbands name Chai”. At first, it did not have a name but customers called it “Khun Chai Noodles” so, Khun On used that name until present.

Customers of Khun On come from different groups and places such as officer, family, or even customers from Phranakhon side that come to try until they are flavor of the taste or customers from Chonburi Province who came by word of mouth about good taste and quality of Khun On.


Variety of Good Care

At first, Khun On had only stewed pork noodles but as she wanted customers to eat various food, Khun On started expanding business. From only stewed pork noodles in the past, now, she has pork leg, Satay, order-to-cook food and deserts.

Three important factors that Khun On emphasizes until she could open a shop until it becomes popular are food taste. Khun On is meticulous in every process from selecting raw materials. Khun On said that

Pork used at this restaurant comes from my shop at the market” apart from pork, she roasts chili herself as well as selecting vegetables. Every menu is tasted and developed by Khun On. So, you will be ensured of food quality and taste at this restaurant where beef, pork and raw materials are well selected by Khun On”

Khun On selects products of Ajinomoto Plus  from recommendation of sales that usually visit the restaurant.  Khun On added “after using Ajinomoto Plus, it can save cost and can be used longer than old formula because I use only a half of tablespoon in soup but it still tastes the same

Second is cleanliness, Khun On cares about cleanliness, the atmosphere in the restaurant must be comfortable and clean including toilets. After repurchasing the shop from previous owner, Khun On renovated the shop, expanded and repaired many things in the shop until it looks airy, comfy and clean.

Final thing is service. Khun On is a good talker; she speaks with customers with smile and listens to opinions of the customers to improve service. If anything a customer requests is not that difficult, Khun On will do it right away such as order-to-cook food, Khun On uses stewed pork to cook Pad Kaphrao and she could make it for customers.


At the shop, there are 9 employees and some are relatives. Although others are not but they have relationship like ones. Khun On reiterates with employees that customers come first and we need to care about service. This make the restaurant of Khun On to have service standard as always


Working tips

Administrating a restaurant together with other businesses is not that easy. Fondness in what she is doing makes her happy in every day of opening her restaurant. That is the key Khun On without knowing the word “tired” and she creates the restaurant with quality and good taste until today