RosDed Kung Krata

The Perfect variety of “RosDed Prawn-Pan & Inter Buffet”



A business of over 12 successful years started with the passion from family and expert, Ms Yongrudee Nuchjungreed or Pag, a single mother with the BBQ restaurant as her first business. Her first shop was located at Ramkamheang 187. This style of restaurant was very competitive, so she had to be different from others. Variety is her idea. Therefore, she ended up including the international buffet and the restaurant grew fast to have many branches afterwards.



Our concept is creating a standard to every branch especially the food list, the quality of service and staffs.’Ms. Yongrudee collaborated. For decoration, sometimes we have to respond to local style. That makes us allocate 95% are the same and 5% on a local base.




Delicious with value and variety is our style.

Every time you visit “Ros Ded”, you can enjoy endless variety of choice in Thai, Japanese, Chinese and E-san style including mouth watering desserts.

It offers true value of many food zones while American a-la-carte stake dish is also available. At “Ros Ded”,we have special recipe to marinate meat. We select only the best material and rely on the high quality seasoning like AJI-NO-MOTO® in our hot menu and AJI-NO-MOTO® PLUS in papaya salad and all E-san menu including e-san style spicy sauce. We also use Krobdee Plain Crispy Flour for deep fried dish. It gives the well-blended taste and longer crispy. Those all make us unique in this business and become the favorite restaurant, Ms Yongrudee explained.



Another secret behind the success actually starts with our own preference and competency.

That would encourage ourselves to always learn and improve. We have to be patient and initiate in what we are doing, open minded to listen to customers until each recipe is valued enough to be in our menu. The high quality in every step with reasonable price sustainably move us as we are nowadays.


Quality comes first

As we never compromise in quality, our business plan will proceed to get GMP standard in every branch. The menu will be in wider range to Italian and Thai-style chabu. We will challenge ourselves to be the favorite family restaurant, Ms Yongrudee finally said.

For those who are interested in coming try the valued variety at Ros ded Prawn-grilled & inter buffet, they can drive along Lamlukka Rd., passing Tesco Lotus for 200 meters and park at the restaurant. The shop opens everyday from 4.00 PM –  11.00 PM. For more information, please call. 081-353-5806