The king of spicy noodles on its new chapter in the name of “Keugkag by Doodee Siam”

If someone ask about the ready-to-serve plate that is a favorite place for students who learn at the tutors around Siam Square, the name of Doodee Siam is one of the famous restaurant that not many students have never tried. With its well-known hot spicy Tom Yum pork noodles and the special made noodles along with the guarantee of its hot spicy taste which has 3 degrees, so it satisfies people who love having hot spicy noodles until nowadays. Doodee Siam just starts their new chapter, revealing their success in the next step. It expands their branches to the specific location like Siam Square One under the name of “Keugkag by Doodee Siam” so that it can expand the target. Although it is a new location, they still keep the same good quality.

From making noodles to the noodle restaurant at Siam

Not many people know that Doodee Siam was founded by coincidentally. If there is no coincidence on that day, there will be no spicy Tom Yum pork noodle today.  The initiated idea is from the conversation with friends who wanted to run an export business of noodles. Therefore, they made an appointment to come and talk at a restaurant in the middle of Siam Square. In the conversation, they just got an idea from seeing around Siam Square and there is no noodle restaurant. Thus, they decided to run a noodle restaurant using their own made noodle as a main ingredient. If the customers try and think that it is really delicious and impressed, that means the noodle export will not be that hard. From those conversations, it is the start of a compact restaurant in the middle of Siam Square, named “Doodee Siam” that have noodles and spicy taste as their signature. Although, this noodle restaurant is mini but it becomes famous. There are many customers consistently taking turn to have a taste here. Then it is becomes well known for Siam Square shoppers swiftly. We could call this success as a lucky coincidence.

Why does it has to be Tom Yum pork noodle?

Many people would question why the signature dish has to be Tom Yum pork noodles? While there are many kind of noodle soup. K.Pom (Pornsiri Denan), a pretty chef and the main chief of all delicious noodle dishes in this restaurant has given some interesting answers. She said “Definitely, the noodle is a simply delicious dish, and it seems like an easy-cooking dish, but not so many people would know how to turn to the easy cooking into the special noodle dish that people can remember is not that easy. All process it has to be elaborate since the select of ingredients, stewing, seasoning and applying to the new cuisine to make them obviously in original unique taste.” The ones, who is the regular customer of Doodee Siam always know that there are various dish in this restaurant, more than 10 noodle dishes and other customized dishes. Since Doodee Siam always try to create new style dishes, so they can meet the different customers’ satisfaction and lifestyle. This can ensure that all dishes you order are delicious. In addition, the important thing is that the restaurant still maintains their signature taste of hot and spicy noodles that no one can imitate.


Trick to capture customers’ hearts

Everyone loves delicious taste. Nowadays food can be easily found in every street corner. Thus, it is very interesting that what strategy “Keugkag by Doodee Siam” will use to keep their customers. In this point, K’Pom has answered that moreover the taste of hot and spicy from the selective quality ingredients, which are clean, quick and cheap. These are what this restaurant pays attention to.

“If someone asks how special of Doodee Siam could win the others, the first thing is the taste. We can guarantee in hot and spicy taste. Our regular customers know that if they want to have hot, spicy, delicious noodles, they can find those things here only at Doodee Siam. Our technique started with preparing ingredients in every process daily, including roasted chilli, roasted peanut. Our customers can taste both its spicy and aroma. Besides, the restaurant uses only the fresh limejuice. Therefore, all dishes will contain the mix taste of peanut, chilli, lime and the umami flavor-full taste of soup. Pom confidently confirmed that customer won’t go anywhere.”

In the seasoning part, K.Pom emphasized the restaurant has selected the best things that could reach the way of Thai eating. Ajinomoto® seasoning powder is a part of them. This restaurant chooses RosDee menu roasted red pork to be the main ingredient in cooking red pork. Recently, this restaurant adds a new dish named Tom Yum fried dumpling by using Krispy Crisp Gyoza (Chicken) as a main ingredient and gains a lot of good feedback.   

It is not only the deliciousness. This restaurant also keeps everything clean and fast especially, the fast serving in 5 mins. The customers will receive all their orders. This is the strategy of Doodee Siam; a food zone and a kitchen are set separately. Therefore, it ends up that there are noodles kitchen, Somtum kitchen, Thai food cooked to order kitchen. These could help them easily managing their time for each dish because they can cook different dish at the same time. Moreover, they care about the price, even their location is in Siam Square, an expensive community. You will not believe that the price here starts only 49 THB. This is because they want everyone to enjoy this deliciousness without paying a lot. Also, their main customers are students, university students, including family who always come.       

All dishes are the answer

Among the competition of the restaurants, there are the old ones and the new ones appearing to be new competitors in a market. Nowadays, if someone ask how “Keugkag by Doodee Siam” has conquered the old and new customer’s mind, the answer is “We are clear about what we do” said K’Pom, a beautiful chef at Doodee Siam. She added “What we call ‘clear’ is in the taste. Before we were making Doodee Siam spicy noodles, we still keep the same quality. Besides, we believe in the quality of the ingredient. Therefore, 90% of the ingredient here Pom and team do prepare them daily.”


The happiest thing is always keeping yourself learning

Although Tom Yum pork noodle is the main dish here, instead of stop with the success, they still develop new dishes because of the food trend and the taste of customers that is always changed. By researching, learning from books and internet, they always come up with new dishes for new seasons. K’Pom ended with “We always try to develop new dishes and keep learning because it’s a part of our happiness. We want to make this restaurant to be the restaurant for anyone. Whatever you crave for, just walk to ‘Keugkag by Doodee Siam’. We have got everything here.”